But Only Those Who Understand Markets Will Reap the Rewards
Hey there, its James here and if you're reading this page its because unlike the average "bury your head in the sand" investor you've decided its time to take an active role in building lasting wealth through markets.
Whether this is through day trading, swing trading, or position trading I can help.
This is why after many requests from subscribers and followers I've decided to put together a training program that reveals the exact strategies I use to in my day to day life as a trader.
These strategies are the result of tens of millions of dollars in trade volume and literally 10,000+ hours of charting.
They were born out of my own "blood, sweat, and tears."
Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit on the blood but there was definitely plenty of sweat and yes even a few tears along the way.
I think most folks would understand shedding a few tears after losing literally hundreds of thousands of dollars playing a game I did not understand. 
When it happened I was harshly reminded of the advice one of my first business mentors gave to me.
"James, you can't win a game when you don't understand the rules."
That was me and trading.
I got started in early 2017 when the market was raging bull so making money was dead simple.
By the time December 2017 rolled around I was a pro at "buying the dip" and trading btc pairs.
I was seeing ridiculous returns, like 3000% on Stellar, 6000% on Verge, 1000% on EOS, etc.
Btc itself was up more than 1,000% from where I first bought.
Ethereum was up more than 1200%.
Ltc up more than 1000%.
And so on and so forth.
My portfolio swelled to life changing levels.
So in December 2017 my wife and I decided it may be time to sell.
Like a good little hodler I went to the internet and started watching videos from "gurus" in the space.
"Bitcoin Heading to the Moon!"
They all seemed to be saying the same thing..Btc was heading to six figures and soon.
I decided, against the wishes of my wife, to hodl 80% of my portfolio while trading the rest.
But as often is the case with new traders, the market was about to teach me the way of the world.
I went to sleep one night a few weeks later happy and comfortable only to wake up down to see my portfolio had taken a gut wrenching blow - talking a drop equivalent to an annual salary.
Like a good little hodler I did the only thing I knew to do, I bought the dip.
Over the next few months I "held the faith" and bought dip after dip after dip.
I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be buying all these coins super "cheap."
I fantasized about the lifestyle I was going to live once the market took off again.
Who needs a million bucks when you can make ten million right?
I mean, I had been convinced by all the "gurus" in the space that this was the best way to make money.
They had convinced me that any day I would wake up and see the largest green candle in history when institutional money entered the space.
Unfortunately for me, what I didn't understand was institutional money had already entered the space and they were shorting Btc into the ground.
By the time summer rolled around I had given back hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits and was down  tens of thousands out of my pocket on top of it.
Even though I had been winning trade after trade, it wasn't enough to cover the massive losses I was taking on my "hodl" coins.
I considered giving up altogether, cashing out the little bit of money I had left, and going back to business but fortunately I'm the stubborn type and refused to allow this market to beat me.
I stopped listening to the idiot gurus.
I stopped watching youtube videos from guys who dealt in hopium and never backed it up with charts.
And I stopped waiting for the day some magical institution would come in and save me.
I Became Obsessed.
Just like I had in business years earlier I decided to engross myself in everything trading related. 
I'm not talking reading a few books or watching a few videos.
I spent 12, 14, even 16 hours a day seven days a week researching, charting, and trading. 
Very quickly I realized just how cliche this market really was.
I thought to myself..no...it can't be this easy.
But it was and still is.
And that's the reason I no longer blindly hodl Bitcoin.
100k Bitcoin?!?
While the same talking heads who were screaming for $100k Bitcoin in 2017 have continued to talk about new ATHs, I've been betting against this market since June.
Sure, there have been misteps along the way where a sudden wick stopped me out but at no time have I lost faith in my bearish analysis and its made 2019 one heck of a year.
Instead of hodling and watching my portfolio shrink I've watched it grow during a bear market.
Going against the masses took confidence but that confidence was born out of an understanding of how markets work and more specifically how technical analysis works.
To say I'm incredibly excited for when the next bull run arrives would be an understatement.
Rather than sitting on my btc and hoping and praying a new ATH magically appears I'll be in the driver's seat actively growing my portfolio.
Not only that but thanks to the gains I've made during this bear market I'll be able to acquire more Bitcoin when it finally does stop dropping, much more.
And the best part I can do all that without any fear of missing out.
But I know you're not here to hear about me me me.
You're here because you want to take full control over your own financial future as well.
That's why I've recorded an A-Z trading course covering everything from which exchanges I prefer to the exact setups I use in my trading.
If you'd like to discover the same strategies that are working for me, simply click the appropriate button below to join now!